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This page is dedicated to both international investment and investment strategy. The addresses proposed are given for information only and La Page Financiere will not be held responsible for the contents.


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beautiful globe to introduce international investment and international strategyIt appears that foreign direct investment (FDI), also known as international investment, would usually refer to any form of long term participation by a country into an other country. It can thus embrace financial joint venture agreements, active management or expertise transfers of all kinds. Two types of investment strategy usually come to the mind : the outward foreign direct investment and the inward foreign direct investment, both of which can result in a net FDI (which can be positive or negative, following the circumstances).



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Union des Banques Suisses  Do you often find it difficult to make international investment decisions? It doesn’t have to be that way. We would be happy to take the time to talk to you about your needs and goals and show you the right international investment solutions for you. We offer you a number of investment strategy for working together with us. We can, for example, handle all your investment needs with an asset management mandate. That way, you gain more time for yourself and benefit from our expertise.


Commerzbank  Wir sehen uns als kompetenten Finanzdienstleister für den anspruchsvollen privaten Kunden in Deutschland. Darüber hinaus sind wir die kreative Relationship-Bank für den erfolgreichen deutschen Mittelstand, für große Firmenkunden und Institutionen in Europa sowie für multinationale Unternehmen aus aller Welt. Regional konzentrieren wir uns auf Deutschland, wo wir als integrierter Finanzdienstleister ein für alle Kundengruppen flächendeckendes Filialnetz für Beratung und Vertrieb unterhalten. Im Firmenkundengeschäft sehen wir auch West-, Mittel- und Osteuropa als Kernmarkt an, ebenso wie Nordamerika, mit dem uns eine lange Tradition verbindet.


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We don't forget that the stock of foreign direct investment, which is the cumulative figure for a calculated period of time, can also qualify as investment strategy. Also, note that the purchase of shares alone does not qualify as Direct investment.




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